Darcy Frear

Darcy Frear

Round window stimulation device and modeling of the ear
Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology, Harvard University
B.S.E. Arizona State University

Darcy hails from the very hot and dry Phoenix, Arizona, where she completed her degree in Biomedical Engineering. She is currently working on creating a...

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Inge Knudson

Research Scientist at Massachusetts Eye and Ear
M.S. Zoology, University of New Hampshire
Inge previously spent 8 years researching tinnitus in human subjects with Dr. Jennifer Melcher.  In the Nakajima lab, she tests... Read more about Inge Knudson
Salwa Masud

Salwa Masud

Computational modeling of SCD
Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology, Harvard University
B.S. & M.S. Biomedical Engineering Boston University

Salwa completed her B.S. and M.S. in Biomedical Engineering at Boston University. She is currently studying power reflectance and umbo velocity...

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Mike Ravicz

Associate Scientist, Eaton-Peabody Lab., Massachusetts Eye & Ear
Research Associate, Harvard Medical School
Mike has worked at the Eaton-Peabody Lab for a long time, mostly with John Rosowski in the Middle Ear Unit but also with holography and functional MRI groups.... Read more about Mike Ravicz